Obsidian – Espresso

Espresso / Filter


The dark roast of Obsidian coffee reveals distinct aromas of rum baba, dark chocolate, and smoky notes, offering a rich and intense taste experience. The blend consists of:

While the darker roast reduces the coffee’s natural sweetness, the blend of beans, 80% of which are processed using natural or honey methods, adds a touch of sweetness. This coffee, designed exclusively for espresso and automatic machines, produces a generous crema, enhancing the tasting experience.



Taramesa  is a coffee cooperative in the region of Sidama, Ethiopia. The heirloom beans have been treated with a natural drying process which brings out aromas of redcurrant and candy. Ideal for filter methods thanks to its light roast, our Taramesa coffeeis also perfect for those who love a touch of acidity in their espresso.



Coopfam  is a cooperative located in Poço Fundo, a small town located in the state of Minais Gerais. Their history leads back to the 1980s, in the 90s they were the first in Brazil to be certified Farir trade.



Wayanad  Organic Agricultural Development Society (Organic Wayanad) is a farmers association of more than 400 organic farmers, living in the district of Wayanad/Kerala, in the Malabar-Mountains on the lush green Western Ghats of India.

Flavour Notes






Rum baba, dark chocolate, and smoky notes
12.00 CHF
45.00 CHF