Ecuador – Fabricio Coronel Pilco


Fabricio Coronel Pilco

Explore the rare Sidra varietal from the world-renowned producing farm Hacienda La Florida, Ecuador. Crafted to a light roast by our expert roaster, it reveals a delightful blend of papaya, orange, raspberry, and hibiscus notes enhanced by the beans’ natural carbonic maceration. Perfect for pourover methods like the V60.

Experience exceptional flavor in every cup, elegantly packaged in our 100g signature aluminium can.


Flavour Notes






papaya, raspberry, orange juice, hibiscus
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Hacienda La Florida is located in Sozorange, an old Spanish settlement, in the skirts of an inactive volcano called Jatumpamba. This farm has been part of the Coronel Family since the beginning of the 19th century, who continue the legacy to protect its unique dry tropical forest and produce the best of their agricultural production. In 2017 Fabricio and Ramiro planted Typica Mejorado and Bourbon Sidra, varietals that have seen fantastic success in their agroforestry system.

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