Drip Bag – Taramesa

Drip bag

Drip Bag

Boréal Coffee on the go!

The drip bag, also known as “coffee sachet” is a simple and convenient way of preparing a single cup of coffee.

Here’s how our drip bag works:

  1. Tear open the coffee drip bag
  2. Open the cardboard wings & place over cup
  3. Pour in around 200 ml of hot water
  4. And that’s it! Your coffee is ready to enjoy.

We have designed this drip bag for travelers, office workers and anyone else who wants a quick and easy cup of coffee in mind. No need for sophisticated equipment like a coffee maker or French press.

Inside, you’ll find just the right amount of ground coffee for one cup. 


Certified organic by bio-inspecta.

Taramesa is a coffee cooperative in the region of Sidama, Ethiopia. The heirloom beans have been treated with a natural drying process which brings out aromas of redcurrant and candy. Ideal for filter methods thanks to its light roast, our Taramesa coffee is also perfect for those who love a touch of acidity in their espresso.

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