Honduras – Combrifol

Espresso, Filter

Treat your senses to a tropical adventure with Combrifol – a coffee from small-scale farms in Honduras with notes of exotic fruits and vanilla. We found that a light-to-medium roast made for a balanced and versatile coffee – so regardless of what sort of brewing equipment you’ve got to hand, from V60 to espresso, great and fruity coffee is certain.

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Vanilla, Tropical fruits, Molasses
14.50 CHF
47.50 CHF
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Combrifol, a natural coffee from the Marcala region in Honduras. Grown by our partner co-op “Mixta Regional Brisas de la Frontera Limitada” this tropical flavour bomb will send your tastebuds to summertime. Combrifol is brimming with vibrant flavours of tropical fruits, vanilla and molasses.

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