El Salvador – Baraona Family

Espresso, Filter

This coffee’s light roast brings out delicate flavours of blood orange and lemon verbena, which can be enjoyed both in a filter coffee and an espresso. The Baraona family, from whom this coffee takes its name, has been cultivating coffee in several farms in El Salvador for over 130 years, passing its knowledge down from generation to generation.


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Blood orange, lemon verbena, delicate
19.00 CHF
68.50 CHF
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The Las Palmas farm is located in the Usulatan region, near the city of Berlin. It covers 20 hectares, of which 19 are dedicated to growing coffee and 1 covered by forest. Coffee trees grow between 1500 and 1600 meters above sea level and many varieties are cultivated: elite red bourbon, orange bourbon, pacas, pacamara, rume sudan, batian, java and Kenyan SL 28. The coffees from this farm received 5 awards during of the Cup Of Excellence.

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