Swiss ethical coffee roasters

Controlling the coffee quality from tree to cup

Where it all began

Our story began in 2009 with the opening of our first historic café on rue du Stand, in the heart of Geneva. Fourteen years later, we have grown to six locations – four in Geneva and two in Zurich – and employ nearly fifty dedicated people. In these shared spaces, our mission has always been to promote the art of specialty coffee and create a vibrant community of coffee lovers throughout Switzerland.

Our path to specialty coffee roasting

In 2012, our passion for coffee led us to establish our own roastery on Route des Jeunes. With a 70-square-meter space and a team of professionals, Boréal Coffee Roasters was born. This step allowed us to control the quality of our coffee, from bean to cup, and ensure that every cup served in our stores met our high standards for flavor and consistency.

Creating a sustainable coffee community

Through the co-creation of Roasters United, we secure high-quality green coffee in bulk from producing countries, ensuring fair income for small coffee farms and spearheading climate change initiatives. We’ve always been careful to produce our coffee in the best possible conditions and have adopted a green approach long before it became a ”thing”.

We are looking to the future 

In 2024, Boréal continues its mission to “democratize specialty coffee in Switzerland“. Led by a professional roasting team, we thrive in the midst of ongoing environmental and social challenges. Our commitment remains unwavering: to offer quality service and constant satisfaction to our customers, every day.



Rue du Stand 60
1207 Genève

Route des Jeunes 59
1212 Grand-Lancy

+41 79 419 07 69