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Coffee Solutions for Businesses

An amazing coffee experience is no longer the sole preserve of trendy speciality coffee shops but can be brought to any size office, restaurant, hotel or catering event.

Make your coffee special with Boréal coffee solutions
From a ‘simple’ bean subscriptions to comprehensive packages – including machines and service

Experts in Coffee since 2009
Consistency, Reliability and ease of maintenance
Service & Maintenance
Providing worry-free service.
We are passionate about Coffee

Beans for all Settings

We have a range of specialty coffee roasts that cater for different taste preferences and for different settings.  From ‘easy’ Italian inspired blends that work well in fully automatic machines in offices and hospitality to finely tuned single origin roasts which require more advanced barista skills.

Since our beginnings, and long before it became fashionable, we started sourcing our coffee beans directly with a strong focus on sustainable and ethical practices.  All our coffee is roasted in Geneva by hand and with love since 2012.  Find out more about or direct sourcing activities by following this link to ‘Roaster United’ which we co-founded with two other roasters in 2012 for impactful direct sourcing. 


We like to think that we know a thing or two about coffee machines and understand the importance of consistency, reliability and the ease of maintenance.

As such we have partnered with three of the most revered machine manufacturers LaMarzocco, Eversys and Jura which cover the entire spectrum – from conference room- to busy breakfast area and ‘real’ coffee shop solutions.

Whether you prefer to rent, lease or own, we will tailor our offer to your preferences and budget.


La Marzocco linea pb Eversys E’4ms Jura X8

Service & Maintenance

Our technical team is versed in calibrating, servicing and repairing coffee machines, and has been thoroughly trained by the manufacturers.

As operators of busy coffee shops, we are geared for rapid intervention should a machine not be working as it should, including weekends and holidays. Our aim is to keep you caffeinated, whether you chose a full worry-free service and maintenance package or prefer to call us ad-hoc.


We are passionate about coffee and want to ensure that you and your colleagues and clients have the best possible coffee experience.

As such we offer a range of bespoke training options for your staff and coffee ambassadors. From coffee basics to advanced sensory training.

Solutions for..

Independent Cafes

Looking to set up a coffee shop? We can help you with customised, comprehensive coffee solutions.

Hotels / Restaurants

7 We will train your staff to deliver a consistent coffee experience you can be proud of.


We will set up your coffee machines, keep them running and keep your team caffeinated.


Make speciality coffee a feature of your next corporate or personal event. We will set up a brew bar for a unique experience.

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