On a mission to democratise specialty coffee

Passionate about coffee

We are a team of passionate coffee lovers who have been at the forefront of Switzerland’s specialty coffee scene for over thirteen years.  Our journey began with a simple dream, inspired by the thriving café scene in Australia: To make specialty coffee accessible and enjoyable to everybody.  And so we set out to create a coffeehouse experience where people can enjoy amazing specialty coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our vision from day one was more than just serving great coffee – it was about making great coffee (ie roasting and serving) and doing this in a way that is respectful of all the stakeholders in the coffee chain.  To that effect we co-founded Roasters United – our direct sourcing arm, that allows us to work directly with our coffee growing partners.  Our commitment to our partners includes eg favorable prices and interest free pre-payments to help them manage their cash flows. It is worth mentioning that we only source organic coffee from our partners, which is better for the consumer;  but equally important, better for the farmers – health-wise and economically.

Freshly roasted in Geneva

2012 was a watershed year for Boreal; the year when we decided that we wanted to control coffee quality from tree to cup.   As such we brought roasting in-house to let us work and experiment with our coffees and develop the know-how to create roast profiles that best reveal the qualities of each specific bean or blend.   Over the years this has evolved from a largely artisanal métier to one informed and guided by data and science.   Today the roastery is the nerve center of Boréal where green beans are sourced and roasting profiles and coffee recipes are developed.  

We freshly roast our coffee every week, by hand and with love, right here in Geneva and we are proud of our many personal customers and B2B partners who enjoy and serve our roasts – be it in our coffee shops, in hotels or offices or at home.


Join us

We are a young and growing company and pride ourselves on having an amazing team.
We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate humans who want to be part of the journey to democratize specialty coffee.  Primarily we have openings for (aspiring) baristas to join our shop teams, but our activities range from roasting to training to B2B sales to online sales and marketing to machine maintenance and finance and HR in Geneva and Zurich.  So if coffee is your thing, contact us @ jobs@borealcoffee.ch. We look forward to hearing from you.